About the company

Construction Industries company established in 2005, it is one of the biggest companies working in producing interlock tiles, curbstone and concrete block,  also in general contracting sector in Gaza.

The company is located in east of Gaza at Al Karama street on 25,000 m2 area where safwat Mushtaha & sons factories compound is located.

The company got the Palestinian Quality Certificate for its varied products.

In addition, the company is classified by the Palestinian contractors union and the Palestinian National Classification Committee as a prime contractor with a Third degree in Building, Electro-mechanic, Fourth degree in Roads, water and sewage

 Working Fields:

Construction Industries Company works in producing interlock tiles, curbstone and concrete block,  as it owns two high efficiently production lines with a capacity of :

  • 150 m2/hour interlock tiles with its various types.
  • 400 L.m/hour curbstone with its various types.
  • 65 m2/hour concrete block with its various types.

It is worth mentioning that the company is one of the largest companies working in contracting field as it worked in construction of many projects serving the homeland and the Palestinian citizen.

 Head company:

Construction Industries Company is one of Safwat Mushtaha & Sons Companies Group that works in Construction and Contracting:

  • Mushtaha Engineering & Contracting Co.: which works in general contracting field as it is classified as First degree in all fields.
  • The Arab Contracting and Concrete Industries Co.: which works in the field of contracting, producing and pumping all kinds of ready-mixed concrete for all distances.

Company vision

With more hard work and effort, Arab Construction Industries Company, with its extensive expertise, highly qualified engineers, managers and experienced technical staff, aspires to remain a pioneer in this field in order to serve our people and our beloved homeland.